Sunrise Angel Yung Lean

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Yung Lean - Sunrise Angel

Исполнитель: Yung Lean

Название: Sunrise Angel

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Текст песни:

[Verse 1]
Diamond in the wind
White diamonds across my skin
Scandinavian prince
Had to start over to begin
I'm not sorry for my sins
Been here forever, where you been?
Got that orange juice and Gin
Throw my conscious in a bin
Blowing smoke, neo rings
Dead soul within
Dreaming thick, not thin
Thanks to the city where I'm in
I'm in the sea but I can't swim
Used to be nothing now I win
Left my soul to swim
Left my soul to swim

[Hook x3]
Sunrise Angel
Page Unavailable
Sad money, dirty heaven
Everything is paid for

You make cash I make more

[Verse 2]
High on hope and Im Low on love
I ain't got none of that white dove
Got butterflies and a white dove
I'm crazy and I know I am
Dont talk to these fuckers cuz they know who I am
I am worried about nothing that's just who I am
I am worried about you
What happened to we?
Riding the train everyday of the week
Writing this song on my phone as we speak
Kush in my lungs and Ill die in my sleep
Kush in my lungs and Ill die in my sleep
Heart on my sleeve
And ill crush you to pieces
European jesus
Ego big as my phone breaking i dont ever sleep cuz

[Verse 3]
Thick stack racked up
Spend my money on a catbus
On a subway smoking green like a cactus
My life's too real, fuck an actor
Say what you want you need to practice
I power up like King Kai
I'm smoking wind I'm flying high
Im pretty circus we riding out we riding out

Sunrise Angel
Page unavailable
Sad money, dirty heaven
Everything is made for you
You make cash, I made more
Sunrise Angel in my bed
Nothings made well
Lean gets his cash then its farewell


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