No Sleep Wiz Khalifa

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Wiz Khalifa - No Sleep

Исполнитель: Wiz Khalifa

Название: No Sleep

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Текст песни:

verse 1 - wiz khalifa]
last night i let the party get the best of me
waking up in the morning two hoes laying next to me
plus i heard an officer arrested me
good weed and cold drinks that's the motherfucking recipe
nigga and we roll deep, so deep
it's going down in this bitch concrete
we gonna party all night no sleep
tell the owner them is all my gang
so tonight everything is on me

[hook - wiz khalifa]
the drinks is on me
the bitches, the hotel, the weed is all free
get high, i mean so high we gon' see the whole suite
then fly to a level where you gonna need your own key

no driving, no sleeping
live it up like like it's the weekend
when the dj play the right song
gonna drink, gonna party all night long

[verse 2 - wiz khalifa]
leaving from the club now she wanna stay with us
came to spend it all, don't care what i'm paying for
used to be too young, now i'm out here buying the bar
everytime i look up, it's another red cup
bunch of niggas in the game but they ain't playing with us
they just paying enough enough
man them niggas ain't ballin they just laying it up
saying they does, i'm just rolling hella weed
on my way to the club
i had to wait at the club


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