Beggin' On Your Knees минусниже Victoria Justice

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Victoria Justice - Beggin' On Your Knees (минус)ниже

Исполнитель: Victoria Justice

Название: Beggin' On Your Knees (минус)ниже

Читали раз: 238

Текст песни:

You had it all
The day you told me
Told me you want me
I had it all
But let you fool me
Fool me completely
I was so stupid
To give you all my attention
Cause the way you played me
Exposed your true intention


One day ill have you begging on your knees for ..
One day ill have you crowling like a ..
You mess with me
Ill mess with her
So ill make sure you get what you deserve
One day ill have you bagging on your knees for ..

So watch your back
Cause you dont know or aware when i could get you

I set the trap and when i am done
You will know what i have been through
Oh mister player do you feel like a man know
I know that you are nervous cause this song makes you freak out


I know ill be beteer
But i am gonna drive you under
Cause you are a stone
You dont deserve a haply ever after
Cause what you did with me
After you told me
Love dont .. that way
And its only just a game

You had it all



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