Timeless OST Таймлесс 2 Сапфировая книга Tommy Leonard

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Tommy Leonard - Timeless (OST Таймлесс 2 Сапфировая книга)

Исполнитель: Tommy Leonard

Название: Timeless (OST Таймлесс 2 Сапфировая книга)

Читали раз: 497

Текст песни:

Can you see forever
I want you to
It's beautiful from where i stand
Over sinking mountains and shiffting sounds
You found me
I found you
is it enough

It's brave i've
From great hide
But I now our love could be
Timeless, timeless

Can we leave our secrets inside the dark
No longer believe in the light
Can we love a mastrake but at least we can try
Sourround them let go, but ever ow

It's a brave i've from the great hide
Now all love could
Be timeless, timeless


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