Diamonds Yung Lean & Thaiboy Digital

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Yung Lean & Thaiboy Digital - Diamonds

Исполнитель: Yung Lean & Thaiboy Digital

Название: Diamonds

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Текст песни:

[Hook Yung Lean]
Got diamonds on my bank account
They know where I come from
When I walk in they think Leany is a problem
Drop it on the low, make that thing go bad
Everything is slow, where I sleep I gotta stack

[Post Hook Yung Lean]
I be in a dream, where the fiends at
I be in a dream, where's my sleep godess
All I do is smoke and rap
I be in Yoshi City, nowhere to be found


[Verse 1 Yung Lean]
Bitch I'm smoked out, I be seeing five elements
Spaceship bar white, chains looking like an elephant
Cruising all night, everybody be smelling it
What you want tonight? Ain't no god damn telling them
Yeah I'm the boss bitch, I'm fucking reverent
Take a trip to Paris, I be back again
Take a trip to Yoshi City, never come back again
Tell a friend
Leany been adding like a god damn veteran
If I'm in the club, then they smelling them
Bitch I'm in the shadows, I'm the captain
Me and my boys stacking Benjamin's, we be stacking Benjamin's
Tell a friend, diamonds on my bank...

[Hook Post Hook]

[Verse 2 Thaiboy Digital]
Two diamonds, fuck the glory
Out in Sweden
Want to be needed, I don't need them
Want to stay flexing through the seasons
Want to be king, I'll be scream
Thaiboy, you know I was born for a reason
'for I save the world, fuck the treason
Diamond for my girl, she's the reason
She's like an angel, I'm a demon
Gucci belt on my waist, I got racks on me
Young Thaiboy Goon, you know forever GTB
Baby what you really need, Swisha full of weed
Came up outta nothing, had to succeed
Baby let me know when you catching feelings
Baby let me know when you catching feels
Baby what you really need, Swisha full of weed
Came up outta nothing, had to succeed


[Post Hook]

[Outro Yung Lean]
I got diamonds...


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