Midnight City YONAS

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YONAS - Midnight City

Исполнитель: YONAS

Название: Midnight City

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Текст песни:

[Hook Yonas]
Life, faith, I
Take a look at the clock and see I'm down on my final hour
I'm talking about life, faith, I (I see ya bout to do it on this one)
Take a look at the clock and see I'm down on my final hour
I'm talking about

[Verse 1 Yonas]
Looking at the world through my rear view
When you pray to God
Can he hear you, shit
I dont really know but I hear you and furthermore
I understand and I feel you
Should I look up to my mom but she's is old school, and I love her but she don't know what I go through
Cause when you go from being a broke local to being bi-coastal
People feel like they know you
I am like damn
This is what it is I try to make a plan
But I aint never been around these lands so hit up the weed man
I dont smoke but tonight I think I'm gonna get it in
I get it from my zone, and just zone
And to the soldiers coming home
I am sorry for the delay you probably feel betrayed
But nothing can be farther from the truth, no you're not alone
We got you all for...


[Verse 2 Yonas]
They say the perfect life exist right in them churches (no no no)
I say the perfect life doesn't exist where this earth is (no no no)
I say a purposeful life is a life full of purpose (oh oh oh)
I got a future full of soul and past full of hearses
I resurrect them in my verses
Yup, and now the haters know life
But they got to fuck with it cause the flow so tight
I started in the left lane switched to the right
Now I'm in my own lane all day, all right
What up, the most live MC, I'm feeling like Pac, All Eyes On Me
So if ya'll ready lets ride on 3
And be ready to die
Cause you know, that I got you all for...


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