Scream & Shou Will.I.Am and Britney Spears

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Will.I.Am and Britney Spears - Scream & Shou

Исполнитель: Will.I.Am and Britney Spears

Название: Scream & Shou

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Текст песни:

Is like shit is coming down from the motherfucker haven's
Is a new motherfucking day
Get down and lay down
Are you turn the fuck up
Are you fuck sparkless?
I wanna see flame toes in this motherfucker

This is joint
Hit Boy, Britney, Waka, Weezy
And they call me Diddy, bitch

We won no ....
We're .......
If you act like gray stone .....
Give you drink
Tell'em to run his back

Put your hands up in the air
Got the car from
Now is Hit Boy
You know Hit Boy
You turn up
(Bring the action)

When you hear this in the club
You're gonna turn turn it up
(turn up bitch)
All eyes on us

See the boys in the club
They're watching us

Everybody in the club
All eyes on us

I wanna scream and shout, and let it all out
And scream and shout, and let it out
We saying, oh wee oh wee oh wee oh
You are now and Birtney, bitch

It's rock and roll, roll
Whole world know my shit everywhere I go
Whole world bang this song 'cause it's cold
Ah, shit, I think that girl ready to go off
But she want a photo
so I took a photo
Yeah, I took a picture with an IM photo social
Yeah, you got a cold chick, but I got a colder
She don't really know shit, so I gotta show her
Hide your paper, yeah I'm stackin' paper
Money to the ceiling, now I need a skyscraper
You are now, now rockin' with
Will.I.Am and Britney, bitch
Wack Flocka Flame, Lil' Wayne, Hit Boy, Diddy, bitch

Motherfuckers I said put your hands up
turn the fuck up, right mothefuckers
And now
Oh, it's time to party
Oh, it's time to party
Smokin', drinkin', no passin' out
YOLO, I'mma shout it out
We party hard, we yell it out
Disrespect me, knock him out
Crack a smile, Pacquiao
Fuck the VIP, I'm in the crowd
Me and Britney, we actin' wild
It's Waka Flame, you know my style
This little chain like 40 thou
All eyes on me, look out
Pop a beam, that's the old me
Molly's here, we don't fight fair
My buzz big, like Lightyear

Get a grip, shorty, you can't stand here
Friends, fans and family here
Outfit real, live with no fear
Turn the club into a mosh pit
Spend 20 bands, do a back flip
Girl, drop it low, shake that
My wrists rocky like ASAP
This a G mix and I laced that

Припев [1 раз]

Hi I'm Tunechi
I give the girls my room key
Money can't buy you love,
so I don't pay for no pussy
I don't pay these haters no mind
don't fuckin' call me cheap
I grab life by the horns,
and that bitch went "beep-beep"
I swear right now I feel like 'Pac
'cause all eyes on me
And I don't mean to throw no Sour D's,
lookin' small fries to me
And my bitch bad like Britney,
but I wish I had Britney
She remind me of my jeep,
but I got a bad memory
And I'm feelin' good, I'm lookin' good,
I'm smokin' good, I'm sippin'
These hoes think they classy?
Well that's the class I'm skippin'
Got a party in my bedroom,
that's a party she ain't missin'
I brought her by,
but she kept callin' him William
Only God can judge me, case closed
I've got my hoes at Drake shows
I got this shit on lock,
No escapin' those and I'll make that bitch
Scream, and shout, and let it all out
I'll put it in her backyard like a fuckin' doghouse - Tunechi

Let's go
This is the remix
This is a super black man remix
This is the remix
This is a super black man remix
This is a super black man remix
Yeah And they call me Diddy, bitch
Yeah Scream and shout, and turn'em all out Yeah


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