Nasty Freestyle BVL3Y Trap Bootleg Twayne - Nasty Freestyle

Список песен исполнителя Twayne - Nasty Freestyle

Twayne - Nasty Freestyle - Nasty Freestyle (BVL3Y Trap Bootleg)

Исполнитель: Twayne - Nasty Freestyle

Название: Nasty Freestyle (BVL3Y Trap Bootleg)

Читали раз: 332

Текст песни:

First let me hop out muthafuckin' Porsche
Ion want her if that ass don't sit like a horse
I be ballin' on these niggas got me feelin' like sports
Dash got so much wood I could build me a fort
Had to many things I ain't done yet
I'm the king of this shit, crowned by the toilet
I'm just barley gettin' started, ya already upset
Got a tiger as a pet, I just took em to the vet
Homie I been makin' hits I'm the rap Derek Jeter
Let yo bitch ride on me like she was on a feeder
If the pussy ain't good then I prolly won't feed her
Lil homie ya can keep her becuz I really don't need her
I ain't worried bout a feature
Homeboy you's a pee on
Toilet seat ass nigga man I swear ya gettin' peed on
Man my jewelry so cold I walk around wit the heat on
My alarm clock set just in case they want to sleep on
I'm a full time player hoppin' out of alligators
Sippin' lean and now a later homie I'll annihilate ya
If ya think ya want to battle ya gone have to pay sum' paper
I just hit her and I quit her I will neva eva dater her
It's a shame how I'm barely gettin' luv in this city
Travel to anotha town, ya can bet they fuckin' wit me
I be killing this shit
Pray to God they fo'give me
They say when ya blow up don't fo'get me
Man, I been on fire
Eva since they made the lighter
My boys a pull up on yo homie, I ain't talkin' diapers
Walk into yo function on point I'm like a sniper
My girl bad like Dej Loaf so don't try her
Flexin' all on ya other homeboys ya ain't ready
10 times sharper than Michael Myers machete
Been about the money I ain't worried bout the fame
Bout to have everybody sayin' who is Rickey Wayne
That's me


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