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Hearts Sydne Rome

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Sydne Rome - Hearts

Исполнитель: Sydne Rome

Название: Hearts

Читали раз: 412

Текст песни:

Is everything alright
I just called to say
How lost I feel without you
Miles away
I really can't believe I'm near
And how I still care about you

Hearts can break
And never mend together
Love can fade away
Hearts can cry
When love won't stay forever
Hearts can be that way

Is everything the same
Do you ever think of me
And how we loved one another
Will you change your mind
Will you want me back again
Or have you found yourself a new love

Is everything Ok
I just thought I'd write a song
To tell the world how I miss you
'Cos each and every day
I think of all the words I never said
And all the chances that I had to


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