Super Psycho Love[N] [N]Simon Curtis

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[N]Simon Curtis - Super Psycho Love[N]

Исполнитель: [N]Simon Curtis

Название: Super Psycho Love[N]

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Текст песни:

Something lately drives me crazy
has to do with how you make me
struggle to get your attention
calling you brings aprehension
Texts from you and
sex from you
are things that are not so uncommon
flirt with you you're all about it
tell me why I feel unwanted?

Damn if you didn't want me back
why'd you have to act like that?
It's confusing to the core
'cause I know you want it
Oh, and if you don't wanna be
something substantial with me
then why do you give me more?
Babe I know you want it

Say that you want me every day
that you want me every way
that you need me
got me trippin'
super psycho love
Aim, pull the trigger
feel the pain getting bigger
go insane from the bitter feeling
trippin' super psycho love

Pull me off to darkened corners
where all other eyes avoid us
tell me how I mesmerize you
I love you and despise you
Back to the crowd where you ignore me
bedroom eyes to those before me
How am I supposed to handle
lit the fuse and missed the candle

Damn, if you wanna let me go
baby please just let me know
you're not gonna get away with
leading me on

Say you want me
say you need me
tear my heart out slow
and bleed me

You want me
you need me
you're gonna
be with me

I know you want me too
I think you want me too
please say you want me too
because you're going to


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