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[N] Maxi Priest - Close To You (Radio Edit)

Исполнитель: [N] Maxi Priest

Название: Close To You (Radio Edit)

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Текст песни:

She was a Jezebel
This burstin' queen
Livin' her life
Like a bad sweet dream
Tellin' me lies
When the truth was clear
I think she knew
What I wanted to hear
Spinnin' around
Like a wheel on fire
Walkin' the tightrope
On love's highwire
A fatal attraction
Is where I'm at
There's no escapin' me

I just wanna be close to you
And do all the things you want me to
I just wanna be close to you
And show you the way I feel

I feel love
When I'm lying in the midnight hour
Holding you's just like a dream
Love is never what it seems

When we touch
And you're holdin' me the way you feel
Girl you make my dreams come true
You make my dreams come true


She was a Gemini on the cusp of Mars
She holds me back but she goes too far
Windin' me up just to let me down
So emotional gagged and bound


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