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My Autumn - Такая как ты(English version)

Исполнитель: My Autumn

Название: Такая как ты(English version)

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Текст песни:

such as you
cheap dress on you
in your blood.

Approach - I want love
sit down here, to me.

How much do you cost?
In this world there is.
To everyone there is price

you are to suffer.

to be forever forgotten you would not be able to stop
Sell-out love,
take your dirty money
a particle of the broken world.
Of your life - I will take full.

If you would understand, I know
you have a chance to rescue yourselfat.
I know, you could.

Decide what you will choose
doubts or life
you are only to do a step
doubts or life

but it's impossible to change you
you chose yourslef
you dirty path
so let it be then
for you to lye alone
in the dirt...

Humans stupidity
throws soul in the bottom.

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