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Do You Remember More Than Life

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More Than Life - Do You Remember

Исполнитель: More Than Life

Название: Do You Remember

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Текст песни:

It past midnight a couple hours ago, it feels colder now than ever for time of year. i tucked you in while you were sleeping and folded your clothes at the end of the bed
do you remember the times we used to dance together and sing our favourite records that used to stick in our head.

I'm sorry for the mess I've made
when you wake up il finally be gone from this place.
Soon enough you won't even remember my face.

Please stay. Stay away
Your making it harder to breath
Please stay. Stay away
Your making it harder to leave.
Stay away from me

Do you remember
That awkward smile when we first met. That childish love we should have kept.
Do you remember falling in and out of love and hate together
Do you remember the good times as well as i do, feels like it should of lasted forever.
What good is your heart if it doesn't break.

Do you remember me.
young nieve and only turning nineteen.
It past midnight a couple hours ago. I can hear the music playing down the street in the back of my head like a detuned radio. Stuck with an image of you wearing my mothers old green coat that you took from me and wore it like was your own.

Do you remember me.
Young neive and turning nineteen


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