Nighare Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus - Nighare

Исполнитель: Miley Cyrus

Название: Nighare

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Текст песни:

[Verse 1]
Hey Feels like I'm asleep, but Im awake
In this dream I never see your face
I'm just a step behind
Hey Can't remember why you went away
Pinch me cause I know it's a mistake
I wanna see your eyes

I woke up in another life
When nothing's really dangerous
And everything is black and white
And no one even knows
I woke up in a broken dream
With no one lying next to me
It's not how it's supposed to be
So why'd you have to go?

I'm still trying, to wake up from this
From this nighare, from this nighare
Where everything is, in its right place
But you're not there, no you're not there

[Verse 2]
Hey Table's set for two, but it's a waste
I'm the only one that's breaking plates
The quiet's getting loud
Hey Everyone keeps saying I'm okay
One more night alone I'll go insane
I need to hold you now



Suddenly I can almost see you
Got the heat of your breath on my skin
Scared to death but I'm only dreaming
Suddenly I can see you fading
Going on, but my heart starts racing
Scared to death cause I know I'm dreaming



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