One, two, three Milena

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Milena - One, two, three

Исполнитель: Milena

Название: One, two, three

Читали раз: 1142

Текст песни:

муз. Елена Перевалова (Милена),
сл. Елена Перевалова, Елена Буркина

Time to leave, I am not alone,
Gate four, I am in, I take off
To sky, so high.
You are still alive in my mind,
And I remember all we got
Last night, night,
Oh, guy, where are you now?

You know what's going to be,
When I spell loud 1,2,3.
Are we of outer space
Or it's maybe mud that we faced?

Honey lips - I miss you so bad,
When I wake, you are in my head,
It's mad, so mad.
You are far away, I'm in blue,
Feel my vibes, I'm aching for you
Tonight, night,
Oh, guy, where are you now?

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