Мама на английском Louna

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Louna - Мама (на английском)

Исполнитель: Louna

Название: Мама (на английском)

Читали раз: 635

Текст песни:

Mom, Im begging you
dont be mad at me
if I just want to
sleep when sunlights seen.
I opened a door,
and it stole my soul.
What controls my core--
now its rock-n-roll

Was a shock at age 15.
Was a sight id never seen.
Was a pit and bloody lip.
Time and time again was hit.
it was Hatfield and Mustaine.
it was Deftones and Mudvayne.
I went down a deadly track,
and there is no turning back.

I beg you, forgive me ma.
There is no turning back.
Know my life once and for all--
now its rock-n-roll.

It was Vedder and Cobain.
It was Staley in his Chains.
It was from the first refrain
that I heard in Crazy Train.
Its the Beatles and Woodstock,
Sex Pistols and Punk-Rock.
It was everything I saw.
It became my fatal flaw.
Forgive me, ma.


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