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Listen it ™ - Witt Lowry - Like I Do (Prod. Tido Vegas)

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Название: Witt Lowry - Like I Do (Prod. Tido Vegas)

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"Like I Do"
(feat. Bebe Rexha)

[Hook - Bebe Rexha]
No ones gonna love you like I do
I can't stop thinking about you
I gotta numb the pain
I can't stop drinking about you
Without you I ain't the same
I can't stop thinking about you
I gotta numb the pain
I can't stop drinking about you
Without you I ain't the same

Yeah, here I go again, you must think that I'm lame
Remembering back to us talking on AIM
And stealing your heart, that was never my aim
See I let you leave and now nothings the same
I'm picking your brain, you pick me apart
I'm picking your heart, you left me in dark
I guess all the pain and the hurt and the worry you left me
Returned in the shell of a star
Damn do we end arm in arm or are we Armageddon
Guess you'll never know cause you never let him
Show you how he love and he trusts and he cared
But all of it showed, but you never were there
So lets really see if you cared
Knew if you needed then he would be there
To put all the blame onto you isn't fair
But all you care bout is your makeup and hair
Your taking a selfie, I'm taking your shit
I see all your pics, I see who you picked
And just know it eats me alive
You're happy with him, that you're happy with him
Damn, I'm jealous creeping through your instagram
And find myself asking why the fuck that I still give a damn
About you, about us, like Mark give her the fuck up
And although I hate his guts, I gotta give your man that thumbs up
Cause he was bringing you close
Now he's been the one, who wanting the most
One minute I hate you, one minute I love you
Well right now I'm writing and feeling em both
I can't stop


When I was given this beat, immediately thought about you
Curse with the hurt is the one that I found you
Stuck here, I'm drinking and thinking about you
Well all of my friends say I'm better without you
Better without you right
Thought I found you on the darkest night
Coulda shown you what a red carpets like
Rode up on a dark horse, the darkest knight
And the girls flowing like water now
Wanna give em my heart, but its watered down
And and honestly lets keep it real
See I'm just jealous that you found love
And I'm searching for it still
All of these girls are dry and plain
I want complex so that we can build
Nothing's out of my league, you ain't in my lane
And whenever we talk, now its never the same
Being put in your friend zone is bringing me pain
And I just wanna get you up out of my brain
Out of my brain, never been one for past tense
And so know that I'm moving forward before I finish this sentence
I crumble when in your presence, rent time in my mind like tenants
So sorry, I'm so offensive, its hard just being your friend
And in the end I look stupid, the time I spent was useless
The truth is, honestly girl I miss you and


No ones gonna love you like I do
No ones gonna kill like I'd do


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