Curveball Honey Cocaine

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Honey Cocaine - Curveball

Исполнитель: Honey Cocaine

Название: Curveball

Читали раз: 224

Текст песни:

(Verse 1)
Tell this bitch I swerve
Every thot nigga gettin' curved
That niggas the worst
Can't buy my trust with a perf
Got to learn to swim
Before you surf
Put it on a turf
These motherfuckers got nerve
You can get murked on the curve
Dont be actin absurd
I ain't even saying no words
I just do my thing like like
Pussy ass nigga with a stank breath
Spendin all your money on hoes
Ain't got a thang left
You weak niggas on the same flex
And them boys get swerved
Cause I just can't stress
And your girl whip
Tryin to split game
Actin all crazy for some champagne
You at the club in the same outfit
Came with the same loud b**ch
Niggas ain't about shit

Nigga gettin' on ya nerve
Kick his ass with a curve
Hit his ass with a curve
Tell that bitch nigga swerve
Kick his ass with a curve
Hit him fast with a curve
Tryin to talk, that's a curve ball
He dont stop
Throw a curve ball
You can get it dropped by a curve ball
I hit his ass with this curve ball

(Verse 2)
You know the motto
Honey never fall in love
Especially not no Motherfuckin' scrubs
Lead me to the block
But you don't be tryin holla fo' no love
Motherfucker I'm not dumb
Motherfucker I'm the bomb
You fuckin' with me tryna get dome
Money never sure stay long nor love
Tell me am I f**king wrong?
I throw a curve curve
He ain't giving up
Thats the worse, worse
All them bad bitches say it war ,war
Curve, curve, curve, curve
Swerve, switch lanes and I ditch his ass
Like I ain't wearin' my retainer I shift his ass
Now we trippin I ain't hittin' em back
Tell the fuck boys style we ain't gettin' attached


You ain't get dropped with a curve ball
I hit his ass with this curve ball
Curve,curve, curve
Curve,curve, curve



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