Let Go [whyno?] Hollywood Undead

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Hollywood Undead - Let Go [whyno?]

Исполнитель: Hollywood Undead

Название: Let Go [whyno?]

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Текст песни:

[Johnny 3 Tears]
All those empty eyes
They were twisted by design
What was hidden right behind
Sometimes fear can leave you blind
Yeah, God forsakes the ones
Who make the tepid heart go hard and break them
I'm vicious now, fucking vicious now
Some remember every story
Every inch between the lonely
Every voice that ever told me
Only one could ever hold me Ч
Felt it in between
I remember when I dream
But you're vicious now, yeah, you're vicious now

Let go, oh
Love isn't good enough
Let go, oh
Love isn't good enough
And the waves in the sea
They slip away just like me
So let go, oh
You weren't good enough
What's love? It's true
Dark hearts don't break, they bruise
Fuck love, fuck you
I'm dying just to hurt you too


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