Day of the Dead Full Album Hollywood Undead

Список песен исполнителя Hollywood Undead

Hollywood Undead - Day of the Dead (Full Album)

Исполнитель: Hollywood Undead

Название: Day of the Dead (Full Album)

Читали раз: 222

Текст песни:

1. Usual Suspects
2. How We Roll
3. Day of the Dead
4. War Child
5. Dark Places
6. Take Me Home
7. Gravity
8. Does Everybody in the World Have to Die
9. Disease
10. Party by Myself
11. Live Forever
12. Save Me
13. Guzzle, Guzzle
14. I'll Be There
15. Let Go
iTunes Bonus Track
16. Ghost
Bonus Tracks
17. Sing
18. Fuck the World


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