Unbreakable Heartist

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Heartist - Unbreakable

Исполнитель: Heartist

Название: Unbreakable

Читали раз: 153

Текст песни:

I can see I'm at the end of my rope
It's a terrible feeling to lose control
I've seen the sign, here, at the end of the road
It says there's no turning back,
But I swear I'm never letting go

This is our moment, our line in the sand
Bring on the riot we'll fight til the end
We're stronger than fire that's burning within
You should have known we're unbreakable

I can see the fight has taken its toll,
But they can't drag us away from what we're owed
I've looked inside and there's a spark in us all
I know your spirit is fading,
But I swear I'm never letting go

Stand with me if you're ready to give everything
We're at war fight for your dreams
Stand with me at the end of everything
You're the key
Set us free

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