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God Slaying Machine Hatsune & Hagane Miku

Список песен исполнителя Hatsune & Hagane Miku

Hatsune & Hagane Miku - God Slaying Machine

Исполнитель: Hatsune & Hagane Miku

Название: God Slaying Machine

Читали раз: 337

Текст песни:

Cold white space
Inorganic and physical circuit

World and was told the end
It means nothing without feeling

Yet to meet you

You taught the unknown
Why hit by imperfect beings?

When I learned the sad
Gave me a mission

Aim towards the sky

Everything you grieve
I'll break the arm of steel shake

My body falling apart
Born to meet another potential
The understanding of fear

Still fight for you
There is no fate'll tell you
Even if God wants you
I'll break the arm of steel shake


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