Singin' In The RainOST Поющие под дождём Frank Sinatra

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Frank Sinatra - Singin' In The Rain(OST Поющие под дождём)

Исполнитель: Frank Sinatra

Название: Singin' In The Rain(OST Поющие под дождём)

Читали раз: 450

Текст песни:

I´m singing in the rain
Just singing in the rain,
What a glorious feeling,
And I´m happy again.
I´m laughing at clouds
So dark, up above,
The sun´s in my heart
And I´m ready for love.

Let the stormy clouds chase.
Everyone from the place,
Come on with the rain
I have a smile on my face.
I´ll walk down the lane
With a happy refrain
Just singing, singing in the rain.

Dancing in the rain.

I'm happy again.

I'm singing and dancing in the rain.

Dancing and singing in the rain.


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