like a G6 harry potter version Far East Movement

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Far East Movement - like a G6 harry potter version

Исполнитель: Far East Movement

Название: like a G6 harry potter version

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Текст песни:

Casting spells in the night

evils gathering

Malfoy is a jerk

he lives a Slytherin

Voldemort's on the rise

and that sucks

now we gotta go collect

all the horcrux

Give me that deathly

give me that hallows

Harry Potter's my name

killing death eaters is my game

gimme that goblet of fire

do you have that dark mark?

I'll find your chamber of secrets

yo, its quidditch after dark

(avada) kedavra

kill em all

kill, kill em all

with Ginny Weasel 'round me,

I'll be, I'll be all in love

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