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Verse 4 Eminem]
Lately it seems as if it's me against the world
Like it was before my life became a movie
And they used to use my mothafuckin' trailer to tease me with
But I flipped that script like a refiller
Painkillers to pop the lid off that safety seal
It made me feel amazing, Navy SEAL of bravery
And if I may reiterate, I ain't even need a script
Ain't bein' conceited
But I made it to radio, eat a dick
I still never ABC'd the shit
Mainstream appeal but the skill is what made me iller
Since before they called Jay Dee Dilla
I was daydreamin' one day I would be the shit
And if I ever end up escapin' these streets I swear that I would stay here
Still in it, I'm crazy, I'll always be real
Don't make me steal an eighteen-wheeler
Break all of my friends out of here and take 'em straight to the Mercedes dealer
Peel off back to the same block that we came from, on a rampage You crazy for me to flip
What's makin' you think I need a switch? Cause I'm Adrian Peterson
When he's raging and heated and on the way to go beat his kid
On the track get spanked like he just did
(DETROIT) I can't never leave this bitch
Sick of bein' treated like we ain't shit
But Jesus, I can see just why people quit callin' me to do features
And them cyphers on BET cause if I wasn't me
I probably wouldn't want to play with me neither, shit
Seems to be reachin' its fever pitch
One hundred and eighty degrees in here
Shoulder blade full of cedar chips
MCs just bit off more than they can chew like a face full of Swedish Fish
Or Lorena with two penises
Hateful and geniousness inconvenience
And for the record, you don't want this type of static in your life
When I'm makin' you cling to it
May consider tryin' to reinsulate ya windows
May be in for another crazy winter
Cause so cold in the D, it is as days begin to tick away
But ain't this really what made me into the angry bitter blonde
But ain't we sick of bein' underdogs
Don't make me unleash this shit, release this Pit
May even seem as if I'm yankin' your chain a bit
Or maybe the way in which I'm sayin' shit
Is playin' with you but ain't shit changing
And it's still the same shit and Shady's still a lady killer
Since the day I went insane and then attacked the babysitter
With a potato peeler, mushed her face into the entertainment center
It's like another plane just entered into Ukraine again
Or the Bermuda Triangle and attempted to make a safe descent
Awaiting anyone who ain't affiliated, it could be danger
Did you make arrangements with the gangsters 'fore you came here?
And if they mention us


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