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Emin (лав радио) - Never Enough

Исполнитель: Emin (лав радио)

Название: Never Enough

Читали раз: 353

Текст песни:

When you give all that you got,
It's never enough,
When you give all that you got,
It's never enough

When i said that i need you now
Well i need you more than ever
Don't think i can live without
Us being in this world together

When the walls
Come crumbling down
Thought you said you'd leave me
Never Never Never Never
Never Never Never Never

I've been losing sleep
You got me falling deep
But you've been riding free
You love i'll never know

You're falling trough my hands
Just like you're made of sand
And i don't understand
How you could hurt me so

So you played the field
And i dont know what's real
You keep it all concealed
But i've been keeping score

And so the story goes
Another chapter closed
You had your final show
I wont't be back for more

I didn't want it
i didn't need it
She took a chance to dance
I didn't see it
She couldn't hide it
But she deniesd it
And now it's time to breathe

There's somethin' there
and there's no mistakin'
Tried so hard
but my heart is aching
Ready now,
but what more can i do?
You know i care for you


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