No Rest For The Wicked Lykke Li Remix edubble

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edubble - No Rest For The Wicked (Lykke Li Remix)

Исполнитель: edubble

Название: No Rest For The Wicked (Lykke Li Remix)

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[Intro - Lykke Li]
My one heart hurt another
So only one life can't be enough
Can you give me just another
For that one who got away

[Verse 1]
I'm trying to lead life by example
But living this life is a handful
And I ain't going to clear no samples
But I'm about to clear my mantle
I need that plaque for Reset
You need that chance to place bets huh
You missed your chance to get fresh, bruh
You still got time to be [???], bruh
Obama in the whip. I'm a stitch. Grab a chick
Grab a forty and a dutchy, and an angel with some tits huh
And I'm back with a grip
Back catalogue, analog. Rap like a brick huh
And I rap cause I'm sick
Back catalogue fix. Never going to trip. God
Why'd you do me like this?
Hip-Hop is still good. You know I ain't going to trip. Lord
You know I ain't going to dip
I'mma stay right here 'till my plaque is a disk
Like a sane lunatic
I'mma stay right here till my plaque is a disk

No rest for the wicked though
So fall back on your plan b
No song for the choir now
Life sucks when you ain't free
No hope for the wiery though
They keep taking that back seat
Two Tone Rebel shit
Keep the peace like Gandhi

[Verse 2]
Middle path. My staff never half massed
Our drums go -- Like a trap hat
Our drums going to hammer cause they have to
Talk shit on Twitter better at you
Paul Simon when I grace lands
Fuck diamonds I'll be on the gray scales
I'll be tipping eight scales
Fifty-fifth time that I didn't go for presales
And even when I prevale
I'll be on that retail syncing with that [???]
Listen to the sea shell
They don't say shi....

[Bridge x2]
16 spitter go hard
'82 born with a thorn in my mid-side
I pull it out when I get mad



[Verse 3]
Me and 27 lights
Heavy weight champs. Hundred twenty-seven fights
Hundred twenty-seven bites
Thousand twenty-seven likes

[Hook x2]


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