For a Thousand Years Daybehavior

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Daybehavior - For a Thousand Years

Исполнитель: Daybehavior

Название: For a Thousand Years

Читали раз: 312

Текст песни:

Going out there
on the frozen Lake
Will it hold or will it break?
If you´ d been here
you would have taken my hand
you would lead me back to land

When you fall asleep in bed
I kiss your lips I touch your head
and in your dreams we´ re both alive not dead
So go home now
rest the whole night through
Ill be watching over you


The wind will blow
the water will flow for a thousand years
The world will go on
like nothing is gone
like you´ re still here

Feel the snowflakes
on my naked skin
Will I lose or will I win?
where I am going
is to a warmer place
where the sun can lick my face

You´ re freezing deep down to the bone
It´ s getting dark, you´ re all alone
follow your footprints in the snow
And go home now
Rest the whole night through
cause Ill be watching over you


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