Hands On The Wheel Pursuit of Happiness AAP Rocky, ScHoolboy Q

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AAP Rocky, ScHoolboy Q - Hands On The Wheel (Pursuit of Happiness)

Исполнитель: AAP Rocky, ScHoolboy Q

Название: Hands On The Wheel (Pursuit of Happiness)

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Текст песни:

Crush a bit, little bit, roll it up, take a hit
Feeling lit, feeling light, 2 AM, summer night
My hands on the wheel, uhh, fuck that

[Verse 1]
Life for me is just weed and brews
See the hoes flock to you when your name is Q
Am I over-faded? Hell yeah it's true
Turn a beat on, ain't no limit to what I can do
See this Top Dawg in heat, but I'm a fuck the world
I'mma be on tunes 'til God re-furls
You sat me down, I'm still tryna get higher
You looked at me stupid when I twisted the fire
Meanwhile my nigga drunk as fuck
A nigga fucked up, we all fucked up
You done fucked up, I brought more blunts
Smoke back to up, you niggas know what's up
Too damn high, can't stand myself
I love drunk driving, man I'm something else
Heat on my side, you're more than welcome to melt
I'm 'bout to finish a pound, you're more welcome to help

Weed and brews, weed and brews
Life for me is just weed and brews
I fucked her once, then I could fuck her twice
Yeah, you heard me right, I might fuck tonight

[Verse 2 ASAP Rocky]
Wait hold up, back in this motherfuckin' bitch once again
It's the pretty motherfucker with a 40 ounce of brew
My nigga Q and we drunker than a bitch
We gettin' millis motherfucker yeah, uh
Nigga weed and brews, unbelieveable
Got a freak or two, in my vehicle
Got the purple drink, got the yellow drink
Then we mix it up, call it Pikachu
With a little bit of crack, little bit of dope
Little bit of smoke, little coke
Little weed, when they on them pills
Little bit of E, little bit of shrooms
Little bit of deuce, what it do, hand on the wheels
And I keep the illest, trillest bitches while I'm swaggin' it
Crush a bit, little bit, that's my pursuit of happiness


[Verse 3]
If I fucked her once, then I could fuck her twice
If I fucked her twice, I might change her life
If I change her life she might hit my weed
We could have her some and we could run off with three
Her, Mary and me, I'll keep it strictly G
My philosophy upon living right
Nigga weed and brews, hit that every night
And her pussy nice cause I fight the bitch
Beat it down and shit, I be clowning with
Black Hippy crew, how swag am I
Be the reason why, she wanna drown my dick
But I sup a lot, she a super-drive
No paper planes, the bangers are fly
Don't act surprised, too much Loc inside
Let's get stupid high, to where I can't reply
Love smokin' dope, I won't compromise


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