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Fire Breather ~ 5.16 ~ Laurel

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~ 5.16 ~ Laurel - Fire Breather

Исполнитель: ~ 5.16 ~ Laurel

Название: Fire Breather

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Текст песни:

Первый куплет
Town crier, village flyer,
Got a skull and crossbones on his chest.
And I can't resist
When he looks like this.
All his other girls
Face on magazines,
Big blue eyes, oh, I don't know what it means, no.
What does he want from me?
We're hanging in the bars,
Running after cars to get home,
Wishing on the stars. Wonder, what you are?
I just don't know, he's beautiful,
Maybe he shines a little more than me.

No, it's too much, burn, my sun,
Up in flames we go, you fire breather.
Ash and dust on my door, smoke rise,
Trying to survive inside your heart.
Fire breather, breathing fire into,
Fire breather, trying to survive inside your heart.

Второй куплет
Flame thrower at the show,
Make my heart melt in the middle of the room.
No, I can't stay away,
Now I'm begging you to stay.
Sitting through the days,
And wasting away to the weekends.
Running on the green through the sticks of the suburbs,
I learned, maybe, you shine a little more than me.

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