Dark Angels - Masquerade of Shadows Main Theme Неизвестен

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Неизвестен - Dark Angels - Masquerade of Shadows Main Theme

Исполнитель: Неизвестен

Название: Dark Angels - Masquerade of Shadows Main Theme

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Текст песни:

Your dread of (the) night consumes you...
When the golden beams vanish gently
And (the) silence of midnight descends,
Full of solitude, anguish (and) absinth
Impenetrable darkness drives you mad
Your fear of darkness makes you flee
But you can't avoid (the) nighares' hive
That has filled up your empty life
You awake each dawn in (angel) cold sweat, shaking,
To damn the day for (its) transience and sorrow.
Bright lights (and) city noise -- these are the friends you desire
To shorten the night, to conceal, to inspire

Your thoughts and emotions are swamped by (the) gloom,
But yelling out loud can't change (the) doom
Just wait for (the) sunrise to come back again
To drive away darkness, sorrow and pain
To save you from nighares' land
Like your mother's tender hand.

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