A happy world А.Ермолов-М.Загот Вокальный ансамбль Премьера

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Вокальный ансамбль Премьера - A happy world (А.Ермолов-М.Загот)

Исполнитель: Вокальный ансамбль Премьера

Название: A happy world (А.Ермолов-М.Загот)

Читали раз: 992

Текст песни:

A place where I was born
Is simply called the world
Its meant to be a happy place for all the boys and girls
It is for us to sing
It is for us to fly
It is for us to play
And not to be afraid

If we play our games
If we sing along
If we are together
Then our life goes on
Its a happy world
And we want to fly
And a firebird
Calls us to the sky

I want the world to smile
And make me feel all right
And see a yellow rain from sunny cloudless skies
And find my little star
To show the road I choose
And live without the blues
And make my dream come true

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If we sing along
Its a happy world
A place where I was born


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