Boom ft. Talabun iBenji

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iBenji - Boom (ft. Talabun)

Исполнитель: iBenji

Название: Boom (ft. Talabun)

Читали раз: 379

Текст песни:

Boom big gorilla stomping in the zoo
check the vocals, animal is getting rude
tala need more space, so gimme more room
bring any soundboy, i duppy any tune
badman got some mad piff in the zoot
uve been hungry, thats why i came with the food
a big bag ah bars to murk any crew
mandem are dead, ama coming for u

man must stop acting a fool
u dont wanna get slewed with a tool
i dont care if a man is a big bull
u are just a shark in a swimming pool
say nothing is a number one rule
i see uve forgotten dem all
let me put u back,back, back to da school
ur head is empty, i wanna make it full

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