The Mountain Gunship

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Gunship - The Mountain

Исполнитель: Gunship

Название: The Mountain

Читали раз: 379

Текст песни:

The sun sets, the starry nights are cold
Come close, girl shiver in my arms.
You escape with a smile (you are electric), you're battered and bruised (we can be electric too).
Your eyes are, as dark as the night that you head for.

Stay with me (give it up, sunshine)
Stay with me (give it up)

(Verse 2)
Come attack on fifth street, uh
Would you go just to look too far?
To clear the bones from your heaven?
(Do you value your heart?)
Escape with a smile, fattened and bruised
(You could be electric too)
Right on the wire, you've gone high, kid


When the cloud breaks
When we were so passed (in the rain)


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