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Название: My Circle

Читали раз: 393

Текст песни:

Stir it up it's me again
A new request
Glass'll be your newest friend
You in my circle, everyday I'm googling
Million off a mixtape is buying me some newer shit
You wanna see me living out my nighares
Hiked up the mountain peak
Cause I'm trying to see the light there
I fight fair but I never lose
Walk a mile in these shoes
My moccasins got no support, cause
Supporting me, you never do
Almost lose but I always win
I'm on a different tip with some different shit
You want to throw me back into the dirt
I'm always struggling
I played a show, twenty people came
I told lots of jokes
I went home, never mind the fame I'll always be alone
I'll always be alone
My clique doing different things every single day
You jealous cause I'm doing different shit up on the stage
Real talk I roll with real people who could really murk you
This is like Google Plus you ain't in my circle

My circle, my circle, my circle, my circle
I know this game, I know this game well
I roll with a bad bitch, tryna cast a love spell like

[Verse 2]
I'm a warlock cast a black magic spell
You mad at me?
Nah, you're scared at jail
Oh go get that bitch
I dropped "Ed Hardy" and then I got rich
Know you wanna get with me and my clique but
Glasspopcorn's a hard guy to get with
Yankee Candle light that wick what
Glasspop wants is what I'm gonna get
Goin' hamburger than I'm goin' hot dog like I'm on some
IDGI don't get that shit
Y'all don't know 'bout this (what)
You wanna see me
Like a TV screen but you can't see me
Glasspop laying on the couch
I'm comin' out
You gon' see me with my team because we got klout
We gon' get fricked up
Don't tell your mom, this gon' be a wild ride, let's get lit up
At my house, Saturday night
We drinking Mountain Dew and we are gonna get in a lot of fights
Real talk I roll with real people who will murk you
This is like Google Plus, you ain't in My Circle


You should watch who you talk about
Because you might be
Putting yourself in a dangerous situation


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