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Ремикс из аниме - Конфликт братьев

Исполнитель: Ремикс из аниме

Название: Конфликт братьев

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Текст песни:

This is not the way into my heart, into my head
Into my brain, into none of the above
This is just my way of unleashing the feelings deep inside of me
This spark of black that I seem to love
We can get a little crazy just for fun, just for fun
Dont even try to hold it back
Just let go
Tie me up and take me over till youre done
Till Im done
Youve got me fiendin and Im ready to blow

Push up to my body, sink your teeth into my Flesh
Get undressed, taste the flesh
Bite into me harder, sink your teeth into my Flesh
Pass the test, taste the flesh
Hold me up against the wall
Give it till I beg, give me some more
Make me bleed, I like it raw
Like it R∆ R∆ R∆
Push up to my body, sink your teeth into my Flesh

Hold my hands above my head
And push my face into the bed
Cause Im a screamer baby, make me a mute
You put your hand upon my neck and feel the pulse beat beat beat beat
Its like a trigger, get me ready to shoot
Wanna wrestle with me baby
Heres a sneak, little peek
You can dominate the game cause Im tough
I dont play around that often
When I do, Im a freak
So youd better believe I like it rough

Hold me down and make me scream
Lay me on the floor
Turn me on and take me out
Make me beg for more

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